Bedotia species in the hobby?

We all the know the Bedotia madagascariensis, but more and more Bedotia species are being discovered. So hopefully this subforum will become very active in the future.

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Bedotia species in the hobby?

Post#1 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:07 am

Is there anyone here, or anyone you might know of, currently keeping & breeding any of the Bedotia or Rheocles species? I've been wanting to work with one of them (something other than the farm-raised B. geayi at the pet stores), but it seems they're almost nonexistent in the hobby; at least around here. I do know that Eric Bodrock is keeping B. leucopteron, but has yet to have any success. I did see some B. sp. Ankavia a couple years ago at a Killie show in Michigan, but not sure if that breeder still has any. If you or anyone you know is working with these species. please let me know. I'd love to devote a tank to one. Thanks!
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